Amarenco can reduce inevitable EU fines with construction of Kanturk 5MW solar PV plant

Amarenco can reduce inevitable EU fines with construction of Kanturk 5MW solar PV plant

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  • 1st March 2017

Cork, 1st March 2017:  Cork County Council has granted planning approval for a new 5MW solar farm in Kanturk, Co. Cork.  The permission has been granted to Amarenco Solar.  The solar farm will comprise approximately 22,200 photovoltaic panels on ground-mounted frames, within a site area of 12.23 hectares and the project will employ 40 during the construction phase.

Following the granting of permission for the new facility in north Cork, Amarenco Solar now has 35MW with full planning approval in Munster.

“This application approval by Cork County Council is very welcome news and is part of a significant number of applications being prepared by Amarenco Solar for Ireland,” said John Mullins, CEO, Amarenco Solar. “We once again welcome Cork County Council’s recognition of the clear benefits of solar energy as a source of clean energy free from emissions.”

Mullins added, “ Significant EU fines in the hundreds of millions of euro annually are now inevitable from 2020 due to the expected failure of Ireland meeting its binding renewable targets. Government policy in the majority currently relies on onshore wind, a technology which now faces significant challenges. Amarenco’s solar PV plants are ready for construction but Ireland needs to join all EU countries in providing clear support for solar PV energy. The construction of these plants will reduce the annual fines expected to be imposed in 2020. Kicking this can down the road is not an option.”

Amarenco Solar is a renewable company headquartered in Cork. The company’s largest operations are in France, where the company is actively managing assets of the value of €230 million across 17 sites.  Amarenco Solar now has offices in Cork, Dublin, London, Nice and Gaillac.

In February 2017, Infracapital and Amarenco,  entered a joint venture agreement to launch a platform established to invest in greenfield renewable energy generation projects and assets across the UK, Ireland and France.

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